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Each month the new moon initiates a time of new beginnings. An eclipse supercharges that energy, opening the door for opportunities that may continue to unfold over the ensuing six months—a very potent time to place forth life-affirming intentions for yourself and our world. Eclipses move us along on our evolutionary path, providing an energy boost and often presenting a turning point. The August 21 Solar Eclipse in Leo occurred at 29 degrees of Leo. Twenty nine degrees of any sign is considered to be a karmic degree—a time when old and often past life patterns, experiences, and situations that are in need of clearing are brought to the surface. This eclipse crossed over ONLY the U.S., calling each one of us and our country to examine the karma that has been ignited and to work on clearing and healing it.
As we move through this portal of transformation, the potential is there for an evolutionary leap in consciousness. During this eclipse season, an Emerald Gateway opened, showering us with the green light of the Divine Feminine. Sandra Walker offers these insights regarding the influx of light on our planet at this time. “These heavily encoded light sequences defy time dynamics, which emphasizes the message of sleep-state integration. We won’t be capable of processing the codes and frequencies of these stargates on the mental level. Because this is DNA-related, transmutation of the cellular structure is necessary. Remember DNA is a strong factor in shifting dimensions. The August Gateway is quite a jump in frequency and experience….Note the calming effect of the higher timelines and these dimensional-shifting light codes. Let the Light do its work. Magnetics are amplified; parent your thoughts, words, deeds and creations to align with the highest trajectory, your highest desired outcome. Visualize Global Ascension; we are raising as many as possible with these new frequencies.” (from Creative Evolution at

The Eclipse Season extends through the Autumn Equinox on Sept. 22, enhanced by a number of planetary aspects including Mercury in Retrograde (Aug.12-Sept.5). It takes time to download and integrate the inter-dimensional frequencies and encoded light we are receiving. If you feel a need for more sleep, or quiet time meditating or being in nature, go for it—your being is processing the energies. One week at a time, more is being revealed, uncovered, brought forth, downloaded. One week after the Eclipse at the first quarter moon, our perspective on some things may have begun to shift a bit. And then at the next quarter, around the FULL MOON in VIRGO/ PISCES on Sept. 6, our awareness and understanding may shift again. Old, outmoded
and limiting patterns, beliefs and ways of being continue to be highlighted for scrutiny. Are you compromising yourself? Are you trying to hold onto the known and comfortable? Notice when and where you feel stress. What is it telling you? What needs to change? Keep breathing and keep examining where the stressors are. Observe and release what no longer serves you. Intend for karma to be cleared and dissolved, opening the way to expanding and enhancing your connection to spirit. Use each challenge and obstacle as a stepping stone for growth. What is being revealed or reflected? What are you learning about yourself?
This is also an extraordinary time for awakening more fully to our unique gifts and perhaps feeling a desire to have a positive impact on our world. Nurture your heart’s desire! Some see their everyday work as drudgery or too mundane and are waiting for something more fulfilling or “spiritual” to come along. We are all exactly where we need to be on our journey in this moment! If you are not happy with aspects of your life, then shift your thoughts to focus on what you would like to see unfolding and/or make some changes. “The programming from an old paradigm no longer applies. We need to retrain our minds and hearts and consciousness to the knowledge of connections. We have spent too much time and energy fighting against others, believing that is
the way to a better life. We have wasted too much time believing everything is random and meaningless, or else believing that some father god is who we answer to and who gives us meaning. Joining with others is the way forward now, even as we honor our distinct and unique individuality. Knowing all is connected and meaningful is the way now. We can now know that love and truth are the Universe’s way to lead us as we evolve into an Age of Aquarius. When we lose the programming from an old paradigm, we realize connections in everything, we find meaning, we naturally create win/win situations, we find signs and symbols from the Universe that show us our way. As liberated humans we will evolve and co-create the Age of Aquarius.”
(Astrologer Leo Knighton Tallarico in Perspectives from the Sky)

    “Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon. She rules the water element on Earth. She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles, and the life fluids in plants, animals and people. She influences the underground currents in Earth energy, the mood swings of mind, body, behavior and emotions. The moon‘s phases reflect her dance with Sun and Earth, her closest relatives in the sky. Together, these three heavenly bodies weave the web of light and dark into our lives.” (We’Moon 2018,p.6) With each 28-day lunar cycle, we are offered opportunities for insight and growth. Whether we are conscious of the moon or not, she definitely influences how life unfolds. By tuning into the various energies offered by the different phases of the moon, we are empowered to be more of an active participant in our own evolutionary process. Follow the moon—one cycle at at time—observing your life, your emotions and how life flows.
The New Moon initiates the first week of the moon‘s cycle—a time to go within, contemplate, nurture yourself, dream, imagine, envision, meditate, spend more time in silence—listening. Notice what thoughts, ideas, insights, inspirations and projects come to you. Ponder, examine, investigate, observe and feel. Be patient, especially with yourself. Trust in Divine timing! Everything happens when the time is right. This first week is a time for germination deep within.
     At the First Quarter Moon, you may notice the energy nudging you forward. All of a sudden, things start to fall into place. That call you have been waiting for finally comes in. Trying to push forward before the first quarter moon can often be frustrating. Sometimes we may be impatient and want things to happen yesterday or when we feel they “should” happen. Staying in the moment ALLOWS life to unfold and can help us develop a deeper sense of patience and trust. Trust that the Universe/our Higher Self/God/Goddess will provide what we need when the time is right!
      During the second week of the moon‘s cycle, our ideas begin to grow and become more concrete. As we approach the Full Moon, we can expect more “light” to be shed on whatever it is we are working on or whatever challenges and opportunities we are moving through. The Full Moon intensifies our intuitive and psychic abilities as well as our emotions. To maintain emotional balance and mental clarity, it is helpful to intentionally utilize the full moon‘s energy. Three days before the full moon we begin to feel the intensity building up as we move towards the actual full moon day. Then, during the three days after the full moon day, the insights, information and guidance received during the full moon gradually become integrated into our consciousness. For each day, there is a focus to meditate, pray or simply think upon as a way to harness the incoming energies and maintain our balance or center.
(Feb.26-March 4; March 28-April 3; April 26-May 2)
Day#1—Affirm your complete faith and trust in the Universe that you are being guided in all that your actions and in all that you are working on
Day#2—Aspire towards positive, uplifting thoughts, words and actions
Day#3—Reaffirm you total commitment to your life path/ soul’s purpose
Day#4—FULL MOON DAY—Open to receive on this day of greatest Light! Breathe, take in and listen! Make no impulsive decisions.
Days 5, 6, 7—Allow guidance, insights, possibilities to assimilate deeper and deeper into your consciousness each day so that important decisions can be made after the 7th day with fuller understanding and awareness.
     The Last Quarter Moon initiates a time to re-evaluate, revise, clean out and release. This can sometimes be a challenging time as the Universe pushes us to let go of what no longer is working in our life. In Feng Shui, when we clear the clutter, energy flows better in our home and also in our life. Clean out the closets and let go! Confront and deal with any old emotional issues that may surface—it is time! As we move from the last day of the moon cycle into the first few days of the New Moon, notice how you feel. Are there any change in your emotions? As we begin each moon cycle, we are in a different place and ready for the process to begin again. Use these monthly opportunities to gain insight, to grow and to deepen your connection to Spirit and with the cycles of nature.
     SUN moving through PISCES (Feb.18-March 20) brings us more in touch with our feelings and frequencies beyond the material world. “Mutable Water Pisces reminds us to hibernate, to renew our wells with rest, introspection, feed our fertile imagination and create safety for our sensitivity and intuition. The energy level is low but sensitive and aware; we process and gestate our dreams for the year ahead.” (We’Moon 2017, p.12) YEMAYA, the Santeria African-Caribbean Goddess of the sea signals that it is time to surrender to the flow of the cycles of life—the day, monthly moon cycle, yearly seasonal cycle. “Are you carrying more than you can handle comfortably? Do you think you must do it all by yourself? Have you come up against a wall and need to break through? Surrender doesn’t mean giving up; rather you are giving over, asking for assistance…. Wholeness is nurtured when you realize that the only way through some situations is to surrender and open to something greater. The act of surrendering is one of opening and trust… allowing Goddess energy to work with us to achieve whatever we need.” (The Goddess Oracle, Amy Sophia Marashinsky,pp.177-179)
        Surrender you worries, fears, challenges to the flowing waters, to the Goddess. Spend time at a beach, river, spring, waterfall or visualize yourself there releasing what is no longer needed into the waves, the current, the rushing water, the rain, the flowing water of your bath or shower. “Meditation and the world of consciousness is a healthy place to go during Pisces, as is music and the world of sound….let go of any strict agenda you may have and surrender to the Soul and universe, trusting that you can let go of needing to always be in control. Sometimes we stay in our minds in order to feel in control, avoiding the feelings and inner world as they are more in the mystery of life and not fully in our control.” (Perspectives from the Sky by Leo Knighton Tallarico) Some Bach Flower Remedies that can assist us during Pisces are Aspen for fears and worries and Clematis which helps us to ground sensitivity and feelings of being too spaced out.
(Healing with Astrology by Marcia Starch,pp.135-136)
March 1—FULL MOON in Pisces/Virgo—We are still integrating the two powerful eclipses of Aquarius. Utilize the the Full Moon Meditation Focus to more consciously tap into the energy being offered. What is being revealed to you? Ask for the guidance you need. Surrender to the flow!
March 17—NEW MOON in Pisces energy seeps deep into our consciousness to purge limitations in our thinking—opening our mind to a deeper level of intuition, psychic attunement and empathy for others—strengthening our sense of interconnectedness and Oneness. What a powerful way to step onto Spring and the fire sign of Aries on March 20th!
March 20—SPRING EQUINOX—EAST on the Medicine Wheel of the Year—sunrise, new beginnings. Utilize the element of the East—AIR—the breath to clear, calm and center your mind and emotions as you attune to the energy of balance brought in by the Equinox.
March 22-April 15—MERCURY RETROGRADE—“When Mercury retreats in Aries, it is time to slow down and pay more attention to the results of hasty actions. Be reflective, tie up loose ends and redirect your energy more effectively.” (We’Moon 2018,p.22)
SUN in ARIES (March 20-April 20) “Come Alive! Cardinal Fire Aries revivifies us after a long winter by reminding us who we are and what we want. We become more primal, direct, frank, open and rebellious; our inner teenager comes alive, our adult self needs to direct the energy wisely. (We’Moon 2017,p.12)
      CHANGING WOMAN also called White Shell Woman and Turquoise Woman by the Navajo and Apache is the Goddess of self-renewal encouraging us to tap into the fire within, our passion to follow our life path. “She comes spinning into your life to tell you the way to wholeness lies in learning to honor your cycles….honoring your own unique process, your own unique path in life” (The Goddess Oracle, pp.44-46) She reminds us to be aware, honor and celebrate the cycles of Nature and the cycles of our own life. Life is constantly changing. We are changing right down to the very core of our being. Follow your heart, step out and be in service in some way. Serving others can often allow us to move out of ourselves—our thoughts, our mind, our ego, our little world—and feel a part of something larger. Bach Flower Remedies for the time of Aries are Impatiens, Heather and Vine. Moving into Spring and the sign of Aries, the cycle of the year shifts to outward energy—to allowing our Light to radiate brightly wherever we are.
MARCH 31—FULL MOON in Aries/Libra—A Blue Moon because it is the second full Moon in March. The full moon is a time for balancing polarities as the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. How can we balance being true and loving to ourself with the needs and expectations of others? Are those needs and expectations real or our own perceptions? Utilize the 7 Day Full Moon Meditation Focus to gain the insights you need.
APRIL 15—NEW MOON in ARIES—allow yourself to integrate the experiences of the past month. Keep what works and let go of the rest! Stay present and breathe….


Blessings of Love and Light
from Raven Moondance
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